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Members of the association will have the oppurtunity to freely attend the studio premises according to availability.

Artistic exhibitions will be periodically promoted to favour exchanges and collaborations.

The studio is available for cultural activities such as books presentations or videos projections, according to availability.

We are also willing to promote other kind of courses as long as pertaining to the artistic and handicraft world.


The fascinating world of the ancient pictorial techniques, particularly the pictorial method of 14th and 15th century, its use of compositive schemes, egg tempera, the preparation of the table and the gold or silver finishings.


Colour theory, preparation of the pictorial support on table or canvas, drawing on contact or tracing paper, preparation and use of egg tempera, gilding by bolo, patina, hints of other techniques.

Attendance 2h once a week or according to personal arrangements


Brushes, pigments, rabbit glue, bolognese plaster, camp stove, contact paper, compass, rule, etc.

100,00 euro/month

MICROMOSAIC (by Mira Jozefowicz)

"Look at" course 3 hours

Short historical introduction to micromosaic
Demonstration of glass fusion preparation
Demonstration on how to make a glass filato
Demonstration of cutting and placing the tesserae into the cement
Student's realization of a micromosaic using tweezers and file

Those students who will feel particularly attracted and gifted for this technique could get on next step basic course

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